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Yoga Club

Relaunching after Easter

Meetings after the Bedfords Walled Garden class at 12.30 in the Visitor's Centre Cafe

No charge for the yoga discussion.  Offers of coffee and cake gratefully accepted by the teacher!




Details to be announced

Introduction to Yoga 

will cover the basics of yoga practice including breathing techniques, bandhas and positioning.  Perfect for beginners or those who want to have a better understanding of yoga.

Developing a home practice

will give you the tools needed to practise safely and effectively on your own.  Perfect if you have been going to classes for a while and want to extend your practice into your everyday life.


Yoga classes in Romford and Hornchurch combining classic Hatha with flowing Dru sequences - suitable for everyone.
Complete beginners class in Tesco Community Room, Roneo Corner on Sunday mornings.


Dates for your diary ....

Yoga classes for complete beginners (and those who want to deepen their gentle practice) on Sunday mornings. 

email: [email protected] to check availability

Tesco Community Room, Roneo Corner 

Selected Sundays* at 10.00 to 11.30am (dates listed below)

£5 Trial class and drop in price / 

£25 for 6 weeks (giving you one class free)

Coming soon:

Mindfulness, Meditation and Curry Event
Occasional Thursday mornings - 11.00 am to 1.00pm

The Retailery, Market Place, Romford

Curry lunch included - £10 per person

Details to be finalised ......

Bedfords Park, Walled Garden Classroom RM4 1QH

Relaunching after Easter - Thursday at 11.00 to 12.15

Chair and Standing Posture class 

£5 Trial first class, £7 drop in price (£20 for remaining four classes)


Held indoors in a beautiful wooden building looking out over an orchard. The Walled Garden is a community project next to the park's main car park and near the Visitors' Centre. 

This 75 minute class offers a gentle practice based on traditional Hatha/Dru yoga.  We use chairs and also practise standing asanas and sequences but no floor work - making the class especially suitable for anyone who has difficulty getting up and down from the floor but wants something more challenging than a entirely chair based class.

Those who wants to stay afterwards can join me in the Visitors' Centre for yoga discussion (continuing with the Yoga Club course book "How Yoga Works" started earlier in the year).  No charge although offers to buy the teacher coffee and/or cake will be gratefully accepted!


Tesco Community Room Dates (Spring Term 2017):

Sunday mornings 10.00am to 11.30am

No class 5th March

Class Dates for Spring Term 2017

12th March - Week 1

19th March - Week 2

26th March - No class

2nd April    - Week 3

9th April     - No class

16th April    - No class (Easter Sunday)

23rd April   - Week 4

30th April   - Week 5

7th May      - No class

14th May     - Week 6

Mary Griffiths

Study yoga online ....

Body and Soul Yoga is pleased to announce its new online Yoga Club.  At the moment it is still completely free.  Monthly meetings (for which there will be a small charge to cover refreshments) are optional.

The first worksheet is available NOW.  To register your interest and download FREE worksheets click on the Members' Area tab.

Welcome to my open air "yoga studio"

Uniting Body and Soul with Yoga



Review Service

Ask Body and Soul Yoga to your class/studio or send us a product sample and we will publish an honest, unbiased review on our REVIEW page including a link to your website or Facebook page*. 

Email [email protected] to arrange a visit.

* Subject to our approval conditions

Guest Blogs

Got something to say?  If yoga has inspired you or changed your life in any way why not share it?  Let us know if you would like to write a guest blog and we'll publish your article on the website.

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