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I first discovered yoga when I was 15 through Lyn Marshall's London Weekend TV series on Sunday mornings.  I was particularly impressed by her claim that anyone can do yoga and it doesn't matter how far into the posture you go, as long as you reach your own comfortable limit you are getting the same benefit. 

Following that early start, I returned to regular yoga practice about 18 years ago when I joined a gym and booked myself into every yoga class I could find.  I was drawn to Dru Yoga at the Om Yoga Show in 2009 and went on to do the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Foundation course in 2012.  I qualified as a L3 Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2014 with Yoga Professionals Diploma in Teaching Yoga and then decided to do further training with Dru in order to incorporate their gentle, flowing style with the use of energies and visualisation into my teaching.  

I completed the foundation modules in January 2015 and, after taking a break to launch Body and Soul Yoga, graduated from the full Dru course at the beginning of 2018 enabling me to take students even deeper into their subtle bodies known as the koshas, which is a particular feature of Dru yoga.  Ever the student, my yoga journey continues with the Dru Meditation Diploma and Arhanta Yin (working deep into the fascia to slowly sink into stretches and stimulate the meridian lines).

In my other life, I'm a qualified ESOL teacher with over 10 years experience teaching speakers of other languages.  I currently lead classes in Ilford for NCC Redbridge where ESOL students can improve their English while practising yoga as an enrichment activity.

When I'm not practising yoga I enjoy cuddles with my cat, eating Indian food and watching "Mind your Language" on YouTube.


Why us?

Body and Soul Yoga offers a gentle, flowing style of yoga suitable for all abilities from complete beginner to experienced yogi.


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