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Plan B for next week

Posted on 17 July, 2015 at 13:35

Wow!  Fourteen came last Sunday which was a full bandstand.  We could squeeze even more in but it would mean staggering the mats.  Fourteen is probably the ideal number for the Bandstand if we want to stay in a nice, comfortable circle.  As far as I can tell, people are enjoying the sessions and the gentle Dru style is popular.  I was a bit worried about introducing Oms but generally I get the impression everyone is OK with it.  The vibrations at the beginning and end of last week's session were lovely.  I think the circle adds something to it too.

Although Dru is a very gentle style of yoga there will always be some things people can't manage.  The wonderful thing about yoga is that you can always sit still, focus on breathing and if you prefer not to do an alternative (or that's not for you), visualise the asana - as everyone else moves through it mentally go over the movements and be amazed at the benefits your body will absorb. 

Afterwards last week, Geraldine, who is a good friend of ours, joined me for a coffee in Raphaels Restaurant.  I'm very happy for others to join us other weeks.  It would be lovely to extend the sessions in that way and use the time for socialising and even maybe discussing yoga and its deeper aspects.  The good news is that Raphaels have agreed to give yoga participants a discount on drinks they buy on Sundays.  They just need proof of attendance so I'm in the process of designing attendance cards.  I'll try to get other benefits for card holders over the coming weeks although obviously I can't promise anything yet.  But I definitely want to encourage people to use local services and businesses as much as possible.  The restaurant has been kind enough to display my poster and I'm very grateful for their support.  It's in a lovely location with a beautiful view of the lake and fountain. 

There was possible bad news as I was leaving the bandstand last week.  Apparently it is being used next Sunday by St Francis Hospice, which of course is also an excellent and very important local charity too.  They are having a picnic in the park.  Unfortunately, nobody had informed me in advance even though their event was booked last February. I was told in the week that, although the picnic itself doesn't start until one, the musicians and technicians need access to the bandstand in the morning to set up which means that we can't use it at our usual time.  Perhaps we could have changed the time to 9.30am but that may be difficult to arrange now.  Although I tell people to book some people just show up and I don't want to let anyone down.  There's no way I'm cancelling.  As far as I'm concerned, the show (sorry, class) always goes on!

Never fear, as a teacher I always have a Plan B so I've decided that we will meet in the Bandstand at 10.30am as usual and then move on.  I won't say any more here - obviously it depends on the weather (which at the moment looks like it'll be OK) and other factors - but I think it should work out.  If you're coming please be patient with me and be prepared to try something a bit different.  Hopefully you'll enjoy it and maybe if you like the changes we'll incorporate them into future sessions. 

So please join me on Sunday - 10.30am at The Bandstand as usual.  Be prepared for a few changes.  Afterwards you're welcome to come for coffee (and to take advantage of your discount card).  I'll explain more about the cards too and there will be prizes and benefits to regular attendees with a big finish planned for the last official summer session on 6th September.

See you all on Sunday!

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