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A smaller group this week - 16th August

Posted on August 16, 2015 at 8:25 PM

As August gets established numbers have dropped slightly.  This week there were just three of us to start with in the bandstand.  Then Carol passed by and joined us.  It's the second week a passer by has joined in and really lovely that they spare the time to stay around and do a complete session.  Imagine going for a walk in the park and ending up taking part in an entire yoga class!  Along with the different weather we've experienced, changes in numbers and participants have been the challenge and the joy of bandstand classes.  Inside in controlled conditions you may not be aware of the weather at all but outside my teaching has to adapt to whatever is going on around us.  I think it keeps the class "real" and connected to changing conditions around us which is what we have to do in our personal lives.

The other joy of these classes has to be the people I've met.  For me it is the joy of teaching generally.  Whatever challenges are thrown at me I never fail to be amazed and blessed by the lovely people who come to my classes - whether that has been Basic IT, Basic Skills (Literacy/Numeracy), Job Hunting Skills, ESOL and now Yoga - with very few exceptions (and I'm sure those few had their own reasons for being "difficult" and actually taught me so much I should be grateful for them too) all my students have been wonderful.  This has been even more so with yoga in the bandstand.  Large classes create their own energy but small groups are more focused and, as a teacher, it is nice to concentrate on each person more closely.  In some ways this is a challenge in itself.  However, today was lovely with first of all my two lovely ladies who have both become regulars in the bandstand.  Meeting Carol was also wonderful and I hope that she will continue coming.

I'm really excited about my Friday evening class starting in September.  I have a lovely location in Hornchurch lined up (subject to final agreements) with it's own car park and a light, airy room which is not too large so a small group can feel comfortable without getting lost in a big, draughty space.  More details will follow on the website but I only need six people to pay in advance for it to go ahead.  There will be big discounts for block bookings and the prices will be very affordable as I am looking to cover my costs (not to make a personal fortune).

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