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Strawberries in the Bandstand

Posted on 8 September, 2015 at 11:15

I arrived in the bandstand for the penultimate session to find strawberries strewn everywhere. It could have been something worse so I couldn’t complain and fortunately I had my broom with me. However, with strawberries ground into the concrete it was difficult to clear completely. These are some of the “problems” doing yoga in a public place. I find myself wishing I could lock the bandstand and keep it all for myself and fellow yogis, clean and ready for our Sunday sessions. Yet another part of me thinks that wouldn’t be right. What attracted me to the bandstand originally was it’s open access.

The strawberries certainly didn’t stop us. The bandstand has been a brilliant location for our yoga sessions and even kept us dry on the rainy days. It’s a shame that some people want to spoil things that have been made nice for them. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure more strawberries were squashed and wasted than eaten in the bandstand. The sign I left to promote the classes has been pulled down (a fate suffered by other notices put up by the council apparently) and the walls are gradually acquiring graffiti and not in a positive, Banksy kind of way.

The session, however, was lovely and the park, as always, was stunning. With only one week left my classes will be heading indoors soon for the winter. As a teacher I’m looking forward to practising in a more controllable environment but I realise that much will be lost too.


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