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Moving indoors

Posted on 26 September, 2015 at 0:20

Feeling fantastic having taught two whole classes indoors at my new venue in Hornchurch.  My first fear was that no-one would come, my second was that I wouldn't be able to open the door and we'd end up doing yoga in the car park!  When I arrived my third fear was that too many people had turned up and I was about to be yoga mobbed.  Somehow the normally empty HAD carpark was full of cars coming and going.  Fortunately they were for the chippie across the road and the cars came and went quickly so parking wasn't a problem for my yogis at they arrived.

I got through the door OK and Brian, my other half, was on hand anyway to help.  We decided it might be good for him to come along every week to help move tables and chairs etc.  With ten in the group the first week we needed the space.  The room at HAD is a nice size and shape but it's not enormous and I will have to limit numbers.  I've estimated that twelve would be the absolute limit.  I don't want to squash people in and, as long as people pay in advance for the course there's no reason not to limit numbers.  That way everyone gets a fair deal and good value for money.

I admit to being nervous but everyone was lovely.  I am so blessed with such lovely participants.  Not everyone wanted to book for the course which is understandable with timings, families and travel to consider.  I will allow dropins at a higher price if there's space but it's better for everyone to go for the course if they can.  With the rent paid from the first night I'm looking forward to relaxing and really getting to know the students that I've got.

Yoga journey - here I come .....

Please let me know if you're reading this.  What do you want from the course?  These early sessions are based on the chakras starting at the base with mooladhara and moving upwards week by week.  In this way, I'm hoping people will get more from my classes than they ever could from a gym class while still enjoying all the stretching and relaxing benefits of a regular class.  At the end of last week's class I gave out a chakra sheet for a colouring meditation - something to do this week (25th September) which I'm taking off for my wedding anniversary (33 years today !!!)

Happy colouring and please let me see the results next week .....


What are your thoughts on the course so far?

What do you like best / least?

What would you like for the next theme?

Looking forward to hearing from students and blog readers.

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