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Sunshine on the Rockery 9th August

Posted on 14 August, 2015 at 17:55

Being outside really gets you in tune with the weather.  And of course English weather is anything but boring!  Having sheltered just last week in the bandstand while it rained all around us - this week dawned sunny and bright.  My concern now was possible heat stroke.  In the bandstand that would have been fine but I'd decided to venture out and try our luck on the rockery.  Fortunately, everyone agreed it was a good idea and the "noisiest tree in the world" was there to provide shade for those who wanted it.  The good thing about the rockery is the mix of sun and shade to keep just about everyone happy - and where-ever you are there's the stunning view of the lake.  What more could you ask for?  Why is it a "noisy tree"?  Well, this is where every year for the past half century Shakespeare in the Park has been performed.  My son, Mark Griffiths, is one of the actors (recently, that is, not for the whole 50 years) and apparently they've sound checked the tree and it really is extra "noisy".  As with yoga, performing Shakespeare outdoors also has its problems.

The group was slightly smaller than recently, down to the August effect I'm guessing with holidays in foreign locations proving slightly more attractive even than yoga in Raphael Park - but I now have a group of trusty regulars which is lovely because I can plan the class around the participants.  Maureen and Maddie from HAD came along this week and also Linda (a yoga teacher) who was passing and asked to join in.  Meeting so many different people and sharing yoga with them has definitely been one of the joys of running this class.

I had a private yoga party at home in the afternoon with girls from 18+.  Admittedly we now have quite a few plusses to add to the 18 but despite being closer to Saga age than 18-30s they were all brilliant.  If anyone else would like me to run a yoga party for them I'd be happy to do so.  I think it made for an entertaining and different afternoon. The men went to the pub but next time maybe I'll get them to join in too.

This really has been a wonderful summer for me.  Body and Soul Yoga has reached its target for First Step (£300 and rising).  Hopefully, I will raise even more over the next four weeks.  I've had loads of fantastic teaching experience from one to one Restorative Yoga, a Yoga party to big groups in the bandstand and the rockery.  Thanks too to the wonderful people at HASWA - you are my dream students every one of you.  I can't believe how quickly 90 minute classes go there.  Every second of teaching is pure joy!

I've exciting plans now for a 90 minute class on Friday evenings starting in September.  The classes will be indoors and the price with be affordable with discounts for block booking.  Keep reading my website for more details.  I need at least four people interested to go ahead with it.

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