Body and Soul Yoga

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Body and Soul Yoga Club

The Yoga Club is something completely different from classes you might go to at the gym or in a hired hall.  The idea is to grow a yoga community where members can become involved both online (for those who don't have time or prefer not to go to classes) and at face-to-face meetings.  It also gives members a chance to learn more about the theory and philosophy behind yoga - usually not possible in a conventional class.

The Club

The Yoga Club is still in development and, at the moment, membership is completely free of charge.  The plan is to start small and eventually it will grow into something really special uniting  Body and Soul through yoga!

Eventually we're hoping to bring members yoga related stuff eg freebies, discounts, and honest, unbiased class and studio reviews as well as providing a forum for all things yoga. 

Book Study

"How Yoga Works" by Geshe Michael Roach (a story leading readers through The Yoga Sutras, the ultimate source of all yoga, in an easy and accessible way). 

"How Yoga Works" can be purchased via Amazon for £12.84 Related worksheets and handouts are available for download from this page.