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Dru comes from the Sanskrit word "Dhruva" and is the north star, the still point around which the universe revolves.


It is the same stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Meditation.



For between class practice, click below (the yoga presented is either by other Dru teachers or from a different tradition that resonates with my style of practice.

Body and Soul Yoga is not responsible for the content and the link is provided for people to use responsibly at their own risk:

In Person Classes

Enquiries and bookings are welcome 

Stretch and Flow -

Sunday 10.30am - 12.00 (on zoom at the earlier time of 10am this week

- 10.30am from 5th December)


Chai and Chat
Olivewell Store, Main Road, Gidea Park RM2 5HA

Tuesday 11.00am - 12.30

Accessible Yoga
Deermead Court, Junction Road, Romford

Wednesday 10.15 - 11.15am


Click "2018 Advent calendar" link below for 12 days of Dru taster videos (Nos. 12 to 23)

Videos for you

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Every Tuesday morning at the Olivewell Store, Gidea Park

As the Olivewell room is no longer available for us to use the Tuesday classes will no longer run in their previous format.  I will still be in the downstairs coffee shop space and anyone who wants to join me is welcome.  We can enjoy Nusret's delicious Ginger Tea (or other beverage of your choice), talk yoga and maybe even practise pranayama, mudras (hand seals) and mantras.  There will be no charge - just come along (children and pets welcome too).  I will be there between 11.00am and 12.30.


Sunday Stretch and Flow is just on zoom this Sunday but from next week (5th December) you can join me in person at the RAF Club in Carlton Road, Romford (free parking available in nearby bays, surrounding street (towards Gidea Park) and Lodge Farm car park and Asda car park).   


Book for this Sunday (zoom only), next Sunday (in person OR zoom option) online or via email.  Booking for the coffee morning not essential but appreciated as it gives me an idea of how many people are coming.  Nusret will put out extra chairs if necessary!  

One to Ones

Available for full paying Gold Members - email to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet on zoom.

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£25 for 5 weeks decreasing weekly for mid block starts

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Individual classes are £7 each for in person classes, £5 for zoom and outdoor classes   

Payment by bank transfer (email for details) or cheque - email me for details. Cash is accepted for outdoor classes if you don't do online banking (correct amount only please, in a plastic bag or envelope). 



Live 15 minute tasters selected weekday evenings (see notifications) at 10.15pm

in the private Facebook group:

Free Yoga with Body and Soul

Recordings available afterwards in the group

  • Recordings of the 2020 Facebook yoga classes are still available for free access in the private Facebook group: Free Yoga with Body and Soul.
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November Theme: Hope


"I believe there is hope in all situations."

Quote of the week:

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope."
Martin Luther (1483-1546), German Professor

Yoga classes in Romford and Gidea Park combining classic Hatha with flowing Dru sequences - suitable for everyone.  New students and complete beginners especially welcome at all my classes - expect small, friendly and supportive groups with a mix of ages and abilities.

Mid block starts and drop-ins usually available. Modifications and chair alternatives offered when appropriate.

                Yoga and Mindfulness              


Body and Soul

Mary Griffiths

Email [email protected] if you would like a yoga class at your club or company.

I take bookings for individual instruction, small groups and one off sessions. Why not get together with a few friends or work colleagues and have a yoga party? Great for clubs, hen nights and wellness events.

Sessions by zoom until Covid restrictions are lifted.

Popular options from traditional mat yoga include Chair Yoga, Mindfulness and Laughter Yoga.

Cost negotiable depending on location and requirements but as a rough guide: 

From £30ph 

Moon Journal.

Join Ingvild Skodvin Prestegard's online community as we follow the moon's journey through 2021.

New Moon:

As the New Moon returns I am filled with immense gratitude. I spend time in nature and feel how connected I am to the earth and the seasons. I feel humble and thankful.

Affirmation: I am grateful.

Uniting Body and Soul with Yoga

What our customers are saying

Thank you so much Mary for visiting our club.  We all enjoyed your Dru Yoga demonstration and hopefully will continue with what you showed us!

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