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My name is Mary Griffiths

I am a qualified ESOL teacher with 16 years experience teaching Entry Level adults in London colleges.  I left my college job last year and now teach yoga.  I am writing and recording yoga classes for ESOL students to help them with English grammar, vocabulary and fluency. 


If you are a non native English speaker (any level) and would like to be part of this exciting project please let me know.  I am looking for volunteers to help me trial the course before it goes on sale.

You are invited to join my private Facebook Group: ESOL Yoga where I will be posting updates about the live sessions and useful resources.  Use the group to talk and interact with each other. 

Join here: ESOL Yoga











Session 1 - Recording 12th March 2023

Introduction and yoga class

Session 2 - Recording 19th March 2023
Introducing ourselves: My name is ......  I come from ...........
Vocabulary: yoga mat, yoga block, cushion, small blanket
Sitting cross legged (legs crossed), legs in front, kneeling

Session 3 - Recording 26th March 2023
Awaiting upload

Session 4 - Recording 2nd April 2023

Suitable for ESOL levels from E1 upwards (not pre-entry)

Session 1A - Recording 28th May 2023

Start of the new course in development


yoga equipment - Blocks/Bricks/Belt/Mat

Shapes/sizes - Round/Circular, Rectangle/Rectangular, Long

Improvised equipment - Cushion/Pillow/Belt

American English = Bathrobe, British English = Dressing Gown

Sitting - Crosslegged/Legs in front/kneeling


Seated Warm up

Hamstring stretches using Yoga or Improvised Belt

Zoom classes take place every Sunday 1.00 to 2.00pm BST.  Please email with your name and details to be included in the pilot sessions - free while the course is still in development to non-native English speakers who want to improve their English skills (grammar and fluency) while practising yoga.  No previous yoga experience required.


Next session: Sunday 3rd June 2023
Online (zoom) 1.00 to 2.00pm UK time

All levels of English and Yoga from pre-entry upwards welcome

No charge

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