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Your Questions. Professional Answers.

Can anyone do yoga?

Yoga is suitable for most people and Body and Soul Yoga especially welcomes beginners and mature students. There is absolutely no expectation for you to be "super flexible". or jump in and out of advanced postures! You will be invited to take care, listen to your own body throughout and do what feels right for you. The yoga practised at Body and Soul Yoga is a gentle form of classical flowing Hatha incorporating Dru sequences and principles. You will be asked to complete a short, confidential health questionnaire before your first class and, whenever necessary, you will be offered adaptations and chair options. NB: Always consult your doctor or medical professional if you have any concerns before starting a new exercise programme.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Leggings are probably best and layers you can easily take off/put on. Always bring something warm to put on for savasana (relaxation) at the end because even on a hot day your temperature will drop. This is especially important outdoors. Yoga is traditionally practised with bare feet to connect with the earth and really get to grips with the asanas. You can wear socks for the seated asanas but it's best to take them off for the main phase asanas. If you really must wear socks you can buy ones with individual toes and slip proof soles.

Do I need any special equipment?

You really only need a yoga mat. For Body and Soul Yoga a standard sticky mat is best. You can buy mats in Home Bargains, Romford Market Place (next to the Shopping Hall) for around £5.99. Yoga is big business at the moment and it seems like there is no end to the amount of "must have" yoga products on the market. Don't rush to spend money on these products but eventually you may want to buy a block or brick and a yoga belt which will help you get into poses more easily. A small blanket is useful to pad your knees and to keep you warm during savasana. A weighted eye pad is another nice addition for savasana you might want to consider bringing.

Can men come to the yoga classes?

Do I have to book classes?

What happens if I can't find the confirmation email or a zoom link doesn't work?

How do I pay for classes?

Of course, and lots of men are starting to discover its benefits. Body and Soul Yoga would like to encourage more men to join in. We can promise you a warm welcome in our small and supportive classes.

If it’s your first class I recommend emailing me first. You can use the contact page or email me at: I can answer any questions you have and help you with the registration process if necessary. Booking online is easy (honest!) but I can book you into classes if you prefer - just email or text me. Booking in advance helps me to know who is coming and is especially important for in person classes where numbers are limited. Book ALL the classes you hope to attend as soon as you buy a five class pass (in person passes must be used within 8 weeks) - you can cancel and rebook as needed if your plans change). Booking reserves your place and helps me to plan classes. To register and book classes online: Click the Book Now button on the home page. You will see this week’s calendar of classes. New students should click the Register tab (top right of screen) where you will be asked for your email and to create a password. Take care when doing this as it only requires you to type the password once. You will then be asked to complete a short Health Questionnaire which is important for Health and Safety reasons as well as to improve your class experience. It is stored confidentially so please answer as fully and honestly as possible. You are not obliged to answer any of the questions but you do need to put something in each box. A dash or NA is sufficient if you prefer not to answer. Now you can book your class. Passwords can be saved on your device so you don't have to type them again. Once you’ve registered, booking is usually a very quick and simple process. Once you’ve booked you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom links if relevant. Always email me if you don't receive a confirmation email.

Emergency links for all classes are available in the Gold Members' Area of this website. This page is password protected so only accessible to Gold Members. Non pass holders should email me if they have any problems and I will do my best to help.

Payment is completely separate from the booking software. When you email me for the first time I will send you my banking details so you can pay by bank transfer. Let me know if you’d prefer to pay by cheque or, for in person classes only, cash. Try a class and then decide the payment plan that works best for you. A five class in person pass (to be used within 8 weeks) is £50 and includes unlimited zooms and recordings. Or you an choose a five class zoom pass for £25 for unlimited zooms and recordings. Drop-ins if you can only attend occasionally are £11 in person / £6 zooms (recordings not included).

Do I need to bring water to drink?

It's your choice. Some yoga traditions discourage participants from drinking water during their practice. The idea is to build your internal heat and drinking water will interfere with this process. At Body and Soul Yoga we leave it up to individuals.

Are classes Covid safe?

Body and Soul Yoga takes your safety seriously and always follows official Government guidelines. Zoom options are available for those who still feel safer at home. Numbers are limited at in person classes and rooms are well ventilated. Students are requested to bring their own mats and other equipment (eg blocks, blankets etc). Washing facilities are available at the indoor venues and hand sanitiser is available in the room. Students are requested not to attend classes if they feel unwell, have Covid symptoms or had a recent positive Covid test. The RAFA and Home Practice classes are usually available on zoom as well as in person and there is a recording available afterwards for pass holders.

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